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Hungary (Tokaj), CARPINUS

A truly modern days family winery with great respect of their traditions and heritage of many generations. Charachterful terroir driven wines, clean style, high quality and professionalism. Read more...


Hungary (Eger), BÖJT

Böjt wines represents the best expression of Eger wines. The essence of the region shines out from their artisan concept styles of wines with a strait and focused portfolio. Read more...


Hungary (Villány) HEUMANN

A German-Swiss couple with a remarkable dedication and passion about Villány wine region. Their aim is to reach the highest possible quality of their wines. Their red blends are amongst the top rend wines of Hungary.  Read more


Hungary (Tokaj), MAJOROS

Laszló Majoros is a true believer of Tokaj wines and he is the one who's passion about Tarcal could inbound anyone. His customers are amongst the best Michelin star restaurants in Hungary and Europe. Read more

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Hungary (Balaton) ST.DONÁT

Organic farming family winery in the Csopak wine region with great diversity of the most interesting terriors and high-end, distinctive style wines. Read more...



One of the biggest family run winery in Hungary, with modern technology, variety based, clean fruitdriven styles from entry level to super prémium vinyard selection vines. Read more...


Hungary (Sopron) PFNEISZL

Birgit and Katrin Pfneisl rather make wine with their father in a well established family estate in Austria, the sisters decided to farm their ancestral vines in Sopron. Organic farming, old vines and wild fermentation. Read more...


Hungary (Eger) THUMMERER

The Egrian famiily estate has a great decade long reputation thanks to their consistent high quality production and  adherence  to their styles and regional wine making heritage. Read more...

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Hungary (Tokaj) SERPENS

Private brand from a well known and respected winemaker from his family estate on the hills of Sarospatak. Wine style is uniqe, modern, charming while pursuing the highest possible quality. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) PAJZOS

Pajzos Winery owns the best plots of Sárospatak on two Crus Megyer and Pajzos. The French investors took all the effort to establish a world class estate with a solid focus on the highest quality noble sweet wines.   Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) TOKAJ-HÉTSZŐLŐ

72 years of organic terroir, Hétszőlő had always benefit from a very good background for organic viticulture. Our core philosophy is based on the consciousness of our impact on it’s environment.. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) BARDON

The 10 hectares winery was founded in 2006, since then built up a reputation of exceptional style and quality wines from the hidden gem village Erdőbénye in Tokaj. Read more...


Hungary (Zala) CÉZÁR

However Zala is less known wine producing district in Hungary its potential is inevitable. The winery offers premium bottled wines and BIB as well. Their style is charmingly fruit driven with elegant oak aged samples in their premium lines. Read more...


Hungary (Somló) TORNAI WINERY

Award winning wines from the unique and tiniest wine district of Hungary. Tornai family cultivates a major part in the region using autochton varieties and creates wines with remarkable carachters.



Hungary (Badacsony) BÜTTNER

A great potential family winery, with the unique, autochton varieties like Vulcanus which you can find only on few plots of the Badacsony. Their white  and rose wines are stylish just as packaging. 



Hungary (Badacsony) ÉLIÁS

Being quite newcomers to Badacsony in 2017 the Éliás family knew they have to show their devotion and quality commitment to engage customers.  Since then they bastioned their reputation with their Szürkebarát and charming aromatic whites too.



Hungary (Szekszárd) VIDA PÉTER

A very well balanced father and son cooperation with stylish wines with regional wisdoms and modern days palate. Focusing on the region flagship varieties Kadarka and Kékfrankos Vida wines are instantly engaging  by just a single sip of them.



Hungary (Hajós-Baja, Villány) KOCH

Csaba Koch is a real big name in the country and not just by the reputation and wide accesibility of the wines but also his devotion of oneological  experiments pusruing the best quality fruit. This fact clearly underlines his focus on quality production and clean styles with many monovarietal examples.  Read more...


Hungary (Villány) GERE TAMÁS & ZSOLT

The family opened their winery just in the daybreak of Villány rise. Having a wide range portfolio their wines can be found on the international market. Their premium line represents the essence of Villány with its high-end, boutique quality.  Read more...


Hungary (Etyek) ETYEKI KÚRIA

Tamás Lelovits has a great devotion to the region and the family has been well known in Villány since years. Country wide reputation followed soon by his high quality and great typicity Kékfrankos rose and red wines.  Read more...


Hungary (Balaton), KRISTINUS

They are real biodynamic professionals with a strict and clean concept of every aspect of their productions. High quality no compromise wines with unique, stylish character.  Read more... 


Hungary (Szekszárd) SEBESTYÉN

The pioneer siblings of the modern style szekszárd wines. Their clear and stylish reds respecting the heritage and celebrating the charachter of indigenous grape varieties like Kadarka or Kékfrankos. Read more...


Hungary (Balaton) DOBOSI

Dobosi family's roots are going back to 17th century at Szentantalfa. Their passion, heritage and hard work has made their winery flourishing more then ever before with great respect of nature through bio production. Read more


Hungary (Villány) BAKONYI PÉTER

A truey underground winemaker, with his distinct style you will enjoy the unique elegancy and the artisan charachter of the Villány wine region. Read more...

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Hungary (Balaton) LAPOSA

A flagship family  estate in Badacsony region, with local varieties and quality wines ranging from entry level to super premium. Their enthusiasm for the region and local gastronomy makes them a the most famous brand  in the wine district. Read more...


Hungary (Eger) OSTOROS

Large scale family run winery in Eger.  Their entry level and easy wines are famous for the fruitness and purity, while their premium line expresses the greatness of the region and their devotion for quality. Read more...


Hungary (Villány) GÜNZER

The svabish rooted family cultivates 25 hectars in the region, with great respect of their traditions and with the adventages of modern technology. Their powerful premium line is a must to taste Read more...


Hungary (Villány) CSÁNYI

The region largest estate with a portfolio ranging from entry level wines to outstanding super premium wines ready to match and supply almost every scale of market demand. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) PATRÍCIUS

A winery with great reputation, devoted owners and well established portfolio. Their late harvest and noble sweet wines are sold across the globe from Hungary to Japan. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) HARSÁNYI

The Harsányi Family renewed their inherited estate and turn it to a modern organic farming winery to produce wines in the top class league. Andno doubt, just in a few years their wines scored 95 points and above. Read more...

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Hungary (Tokaj) BARTA

“If we cultivate the the vineyard in an environmentally friendly way, we should also make our wine the most natural, most traditional way possible”. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj, Somló, VIllány) ZSIRAI

The Zsirai girls are producing such charming and serious wines as they themselves are. No compromise on quality but gtreat sensitivity to traditions, heritage and nature. Read more...


Hungary (Tokaj) GRÓF DÉGENFELD

One of the most iconic building in Tokaj region the Castle itself defines the elegant and aristocratic style of the their wines. The harmonization of their heritage and the organic cultivation makes them to be a unique gem in Tokaj.   Read more...


Hungary (Somló) SOMLÓI VÁNDOR

Artisan wines from the unique Somló-hill, with world class style of terroir driven wines and autochton varieties. A unique and tiny estate from a unique and tiny wine district with great character and mind blowing style.



The Pannonhalma Abbey Winery is one of the most unique wineries you will ever encounter. You can enjoy the magic of the monks and their centuries of winemaking experience.



Hungary (Badacsony) 2HA

Csaba Török became winemaker from a passionate winelover by buying a tiny plot on the Szent-György Hill. Today his characterful wines are apreciated all around the country and some high end restaurants in Europe.



Hungary (Szekszárd) SZEKRETÁR

The Szekretár family gained their reputation by running the Szeleshát winery. After selling their brand, father and son turned to a more artistic wine creation by launching the boutique  family brand with high and wines from best plots in the region.



Hungary (Szekszárd) NÉMETH JANÓ

The 10 hectars winery counts just a tiny part in Szekszárd regional production, however their wines are well are very well appreciated since a decade. Focusing on local varieties they create well balanced, elegant reds with recognizable  style. Read more...


Hungary (Villány) LELOVITS

Tamás Lelovits has a great devotion to the region and the family has been well known in Villány since years. Country wide reputation followed soon by his high quality and great typicity Kékfrankos rose and red wines.  Read more...



A lovely family winery in Eger wine region, the only one with 100% organic famring lands. No compromise on chemicals no compromise on quality. The styles of the wines are the reflection of the new generation with great respect of traditions.  Read more...

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