Are you part of the digital transfromation of our industry?

We are curious about your choices!

Let's see what is this all about

We are looking for some specific answers about your product selection habits for new entries. Whether you prefer stick to traditional sourcing methods or willing to be a part of the digital transformation by using social platforms and new B2B marketplaces.

The survey also measures new trends towards niche products, low/no alcohol products and changing habits of a more sustainable industry.

We will share our findings in several articles here on our blog.

Stay tuned!!

It takes 8 minutes according to the survey's intelligence. :) These questions worth to think over due to nowadays challenges.

Click the button below to start the survey.

We collect your data only for trade validation and statistical purposes. We wont use your inputs for marketing and sales purposes. If you are interested more about our work and services check our website and contact us!

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